Many of our visitors comment about the Windmill by the Sea at Telgruc, just 5km from Le Rhun. The stone built windmill stands overlooking the beach, it’s the emblem of an entire commune and source of pride along the GR34 coast path

The Windmill by the Sea at Telgruc, near to Le Rhun

The story of this Breton windmill began in 1834. But in the twentieth century, the windmill’s story took a turn for the worse. It probably ceased to operate in 1915 when the miller died. The structure fell into disrepair and by the 1950’s, only the crubbling tower remained. It eventually collapsed completely and was largely forgotten, until in 2012 the villagers of Telgruc decided to rebuild the windmill by the sea. In 2016, the new windmill was opened and it stands tall proudly overlooking Trez Bellec beach and the Bay of Douarnanez.

There are lots of photographs showing how the mill was restored in 2016 on the Presqu’ile de Crozon website.

Le Rhun’s vistors like to go and visit the windmill which has open days throughout the summer. Red canvas sails are attached and demonstrations are given. Visitors can buy flour as a souvenir. And if you can’t make it for an open day, you really must go and explore and admire the view from the windmill by the sea.

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