Sundays are for….walking.  It’s a beautiful Sunday morning at Le Rhun, we didn’t set the alarm too early, but now we’re up and about it’s clear that all around the Presqu’ile de Crozon, there are signs that the countryside is waking up and starting to come to life.

Sundays are for…walking

We’ve seen a number of walkers (or ‘randonneurs’) and more and more walking groups about.  There are a number of local trails through Argol.

After the troubles caused by Storm Ciaran last November, most of the local footpath network has re-opened, including the GR34 coast path which hugs our glorious coastline.  It really is a varied path, taking in beaches, cliffs, seaside esplanades and plenty of challenging uphill sections.  But of course the good news is there are just as many downhill sections too, and there’s a variety of different routes and circular tours to choose from, all within easy reach of Le Rhun.

There’s more information about the GR34 on the Brittany tourism website here –

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